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Through these pages you’ll experience two very true and meaningfullove stories. I’ve seen love from both sides now. That doesn’t mean inwinning or losing. In both of these encounters of the heart I don’t considereither one as a loss. Carol taught me how to open up my heart and receivelove unconditionally. I loved her with my total being. Charlotte proves tome every day that she loves me unconditionally. Both of these incrediblewomen had and have my heart in nothing less than total commitment.You will also experience a victory over a life long and very personalissue. Gender disorders are very serious in nature; for they are foolingwith Mother Nature. We exist with invisible birth defects that are veryvisible to us. Some of us don’t make it to the victory party of our body’semergence. Some of us try to cut out the parts that shouldn’t be there.Many die, or try to escape with drugs or alcohol.I’ve told the story with my usual sense of humor, honesty and passionfor life. These are all very important traits that have helped me surviveduring my journey. Now I’m looking to the future with a new body andname, more fi tting to my heart, soul and spirit.Some people may not agree with what I have done. I challenge themto read “Refl ections” with an open heart and mind, imagining themselvesin my shoes walking down the same path.
Published: Xlibris on
ISBN: 9781453509326
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