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Never before has the biblical book of Daniel been explained as by this author. Thirty years of study and research. This book explains the reason for wars,the loss of the dominions by the great nations. It explains the curse that hangs over the European royals if they marry with none royals: abdication of the throne, fatal accidents, divorce etc. It explains the reason for the slaughter of six million Jews. It explains why Hitler could not be killed by those whoplotted to kill him. The book of Daniel predicted the death of Alexander the great, of the Russian royals, of Grace Kelly and the Princess Diana. It also predicts the death of Prince William should he venture on a non-royal marriage. It proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the royals of Europe arethe last to be on the thrones of Europe and that in their days the kingdom of god is to be re-established in the Holy Land. A fascinating book and a must read for all Bible researchers and scholars.
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