Human love of the arts goes to 82,000 years back; andAristotle wrote the fi rst book on arts. Since then it hasbeen debated what art is, but still we lack a defi nitionfor it that would be acceptable to all. This shows that wedo not understand it well enough to properly defi ne it.This confusion stems from an inadequate philosophicalperception of it and, therefore, we have been relishingthat which we do not comprehend. Thus, we try tounderstand arts by studying art objects, however, weneed to identify what in the mind longs for arts inits metaphysical realm to understand it. This is whywe have been mixing novel, painting, music, acting,architecture, Persian rugs and poetry, as each category consists of endless number of artobjects. Although they all are arts, they have nothing in common, but we insist on defi ningall by a single defi nition, to no avail.
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