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Vegetarianism Unmasked is a book that is going to deal with the most important issues on becoming or being a vegetarian today. The book is going to be based on my own experience being a vegetarian and studying about it for almost 30 years. Throughout all these years i have socialized and lived with many vegans,ovo lacto,lacto, and ovo vegetarians that came from all walks of lives. With many reasons why they choose to become a vegetarian from a religious, humane,ecological,and dietary reasons. The book will be written on this vast amount of experience and from new medical and scientific findings shading light to some of the difficulties that vegetarians especially in western societies face today. If after you read this book you still decide to become or continue being a vegetarian it will definitely be with both feet solidly planted on the ground and not on baseless emotions.
Published: AuthorHouseBooks on
ISBN: 9781463408756
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