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God Placed Her In My Path
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The Ruppert family felt blessed when they adopted their perfect baby girl. This new addition made their family complete. They were now a mother, father, brother, and sister, who lived a happy life out in the country. As a family, they loved and nurtured their new addition, but Dorothy Ruppert began to wonder if something might be wrong with her perfect little girl. Tammy didn’t behave like the other kids …She was moody and dark; chaos seemed to follow her. It sounds like the first page of a supernatural thriller, but instead, these were the first signs of Tammy’s condition: bipolar disorder. Living with bipolar was not easy. Doctors didn’t think the condition could exist in children so young, and Dorothy and her husband realized that some of their dreams for Tammy would never materialize.Despite the difficulties, this family knew Tammy had been placed in their lives for a reason. God knew they would love her, no matter what; He also knew Tammy would teach them important lessons that only adversity could reveal. No matter the circumstance, God has a purpose for our pain. God Placed Her in My Path will assure you that, even against overwhelming odds, God’s grace is sufficient for you.
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