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“If Not God, Then Satan (John 8:42-47)” is a sermon that fi lls a much needed voidin today’s postmodern world. In the cited passage, Jesus states that if you do not lovehim, then Satan, not God, is your Father. For those who do not accept Jesus as theirLord and Savior, this should be sobering bad news.In applying Jesus’ damning statement to the world today, the author reviles bothpostmodernism as illogical nonsense and Islam as a grave threat to world peace. Hisauthority is the Bible, and he goes to considerable length to address the “standard”objections to believing in the Bible as the inspired and therefore inerrant Word ofGod.This sermon is divided into six “chapters” for the convenience of the reader, and thereare questions and a place to take notes at the end of each chapter.The author wrote this sermon because he felt called by God to do so. It is the author’shope that it will strengthen believers in their faith and call unbelievers to Jesus, who isthe only way to salvation.
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