The Shedding Season
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The time has arrived or should I say, you have arrived. You had to crawl before you could walk, endure before you could enjoy. Now that you have, I must say we’ve been waiting for you to end one season and enter into another, so welcome to the “Shedding Season”; the third phase of your journey. The “Shedding Season” will help you remove your makeup or take off your steel toe boots, whatever the case maybe. It’s going to undress you and strip you naked; all you have to do is listen. It’s a blueprint for cleaning out your closet and getting rid of those unwanted; unhealthy remembrance of hell on earth or simply enjoy the sweet fragrance of life. It’s time to take another look in the mirror and hopefully this time you’ll like what you see, if not it’s time we fixed that.Like unwrapping a present at Christmas time, you also had to be unwrapped, in order for the real you to live like your suppose to. You’ve shedded the old you and now it’s time to let the world see what you were created to be. This is your “Shedding Season”, grab it and never let go. Embrace your journey, because you had to take it, just remember, seasons do change and so can you.
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ISBN: 9781462864379
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