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Are you a Business Traveler with a waistline expanding as fast as your frequent flier miles?The L.E.A.N. Guide for the Business Traveler is a practical guide that will provide you with tools to maintain your waistline and your overall health, as you follow your hectic schedule through airports, hotels, and business meetings, no matter where you are or when you eat.You will discover how easy it is to:·Make smarter choices at restaurants.·Avoid the most common eating traps in airports and hotels.·Maintain an exercise routine on business trips.·Manage Type 2 Diabetes when on the road.Find out: ·Which airports and hotels are making it easier to keep the business traveler fit and healthy.·What the fitness industry is doing to keep business travelers in shape.·Gyms across the country for the road warrior.·Useful apps for the road warrior.·Nutrition basics and tips.This is the ultimate GPS for staying on track with your health, as you sustain a busy career. A must have for the business traveler!!
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ISBN: 9781453597002
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