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The Gatekeepers
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Sergey Brin once described the Internet as “the repository of all our knowledge” and the company he and Larry Page founded a mere decade ago, Google, Inc. provides access to the Internet for a majority of the Western world. Google has altered the world we live in with a profound impact on just about everything we do. In addition to the search engine, Google has given us many other products including YouTube, Google Earth, GMail and the Android operating system for cell phones. It is now difficult to remember a time when we didn't have Google, an essential tool in today's world of commerce, education, government and social interaction. The search engine they created a mere decade ago now delves through trillions of documents in a fraction of a second. However, Jonathan Zittrain of Harvard Law School noted that Sergey Brin and Larry Page were “the traffic cop at the main intersection of the information society . . . . They have an awesome responsibility.” Award-winning author Daniel Alef tells the remarkable story of Sergey, Larry and Google in this CoreView biographical profile and raises the question of their responsibility as gatekeepers to the Internet. [11,446-word Titans of Fortune CoreView Biographical Profile with more than 50 carefully selected and embedded video links and 234 pages of supplementary material including Google's S-1 Securities and Exchange Commission Registration Statement for]the original IPO]
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