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Marketing with Persuasion: A Science-Based Method for Marketers
Marketing with Persuasion: A Science-Based Method for Marketers
Marketing with Persuasion: A Science-Based Method for Marketers
Ebook46 pages36 minutes

Marketing with Persuasion: A Science-Based Method for Marketers

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About this ebook

In Marketing with Persuasion, an audio course from Scribd Coach, Ariyh founder and marketer Thomas McKinlay cuts through the endless tips and tricks we hear around marketing to get to the best advice by guiding listeners through the latest scientific research on marketing. Setting his focus on helping you create more effective, persuasive ads based on your product, market, and audience, McKinlay discusses how to create ads with impact, when to use print or video for advertising, matching your ad to product and market, and more. He also shares exercises along the way so you can begin putting what you’ve learned into practice.

McKinlay’s course is current, compelling, and strictly evidence-based. Selling with Persuasion is your guide to the cutting edge of marketing.

PublisherScribd Coach
Release dateJun 28, 2022
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Thomas McKinlay

Thomas McKinlay is a marketer and science nerd who found a way to merge those two subjects as the founder of Ariyh — “Academic Research In Your Hands” — which offers practical marketing insights based on the latest science. McKinlay has spent much of his career marketing and growing businesses at various startups as well as Google. Today, he reviews over 10,000 marketing research papers annually, and adapts them into three-minute tips for Ariyh. To learn more about McKinlay’s work, or subscribe to the free Ariyh newsletter, visit Ariyh.com. You can also find McKinlay on Twitter, @tdmckinlay.

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    Book preview

    Marketing with Persuasion - Thomas McKinlay

    Marketing with Persuasion


    A Science-Based Method for Marketers



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    All rights reserved

    ISBN: 9781094444888

    First e-book edition: June 2022

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    San Francisco, California


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    Hi, and welcome to Marketing with Persuasion. I’m Thomas McKinlay. Let’s get started!

    It seems like there are endless tips and strategies that all claim to be the best for your marketing campaign. Sometimes, they even contradict each other. There are plenty of opinions, and most of the time they’re flawed advice that worked for one company but wouldn’t work in another. So where do we find the latest insights that really work?

    Look at the science, that’s how. In this course, I’m going to share with you the latest scientific research to make your marketing and ads more effective. Some of these discoveries will be simple and easy to implement, while others may have you going back to the drawing board. Still, even these evidence-based recommendations may not always work for you, so always try to test them on a small scale before going full out.

    The topics we cover will show you how to create more effective and persuasive ads based on your product, market, and audience.

    We’ll start by discussing how you can create ads with impact. You’ll learn when to use print ads versus a video. I’ll tell you why people share so you can maximize your reach.

    Next, we’ll cover matching your ad to your product and market. That involves choosing an online channel, running emotional versus informational ads, and ads for emerging and developed markets.

    Finally, I’ll share some easy tips to improve your ad in the fourth unit. You’ll know when to show people using the product, when people in ads should look at the viewer vs. away, and how to use emojis to increase social media engagement.

    But before we continue, I’d like to share a bit about myself. I’m a marketer and science nerd who found a way to merge the two subjects I love and started a company named Ariyh [AH-ree], which stands for Academic Research In Your Hands. Ariyh gives practical marketing insights based on the latest science.

    I’ve spent almost a decade marketing and growing businesses - both at various

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