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Rick Gooch’s debut nonfiction book has exposed the illegal wildlife trade for what it is….total greed, corruption, mismanagement and lack of education at all levels of global society, at the expense of making animals that we supposedly adore and love potentially extinct! The trade is the third largest criminal money maker after Drugs and Arms trafficking, making it a multi-billion yearly industry. It highlights big business, government corruption and inept enforcement, involved in the illegal operations in Africa and Asia. The book records factual information that digs deep into the ongoing slaughter where many animals are killed for their ivory, some for their meat and skins, and other parts that end up in Asian medication myths. It focuses on the captive trade where there are more tigers living in the USA than there is in the wild worldwide. It also gives possible solutions to many issues that need to be confronted so that the targeted animals can be given a sporting chance of survival.
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ISBN: 9781456899837
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