What is Life and Who am I?
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Humanity's pursuit of the origin of life, its meaning and its purpose, has gone a long way. Any single truth which the world would agree on remains to be found. Mankind uses knowledge to explore the possibilities of life, but as life evolves, more questions arise, making life appear more and more complicated. The truth is that while life may be complex, it is in fact not complicated. WHAT IS LIFE AND WHO AM I: fundamental principles of the Primordian Philosophy walks the reader through the basic fundamentals of existence. It attempts to unravel the mysteries of life by presenting life in its basic form, thus providing the reader with a fresh and uncomplicated perspective of what life really is. By understanding the mechanics of life and the true essence of identity, the reader will regain a more active control over the direction which their life takes. This book also attempts to restore a sense of purpose and of beauty to the life we live and the universe we live in. While life can often seem chaotic and uncertain, in truth it is really quite marvelous and wonderful. In our day to day lives we can lose sight of this fact. This book seeks to restore life to its true wonder by reminding the reader that we are all a living part of a living universe, and that the meaning of life comes down to one simple axiom
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