A new novel – with a new message – about a new time – for a new consciousness – in a new energy – when a new future depends on it Will there ever be a new world, a new earth or a new age of enlightenment — or will humanity continue to be at war with itself, repeating the same mistakes of the past? The decade of “The Great Transformation” has arrived, and it’s time to choose wisely. History tells us that thousands of years ago many gods with various names appeared upon the Earth to assist in humanity’s growth, giving them the knowledge they required in order to survive. Now, help is needed once again. There is a New Energy which humanity has not yet learned to adapt to, because it requires higher consciousness in order to function at the increased vibration. So until humanity is willing to make that shift, senseless and unwinnable wars will continue to be fought, as people continue holding on to outdated beliefs that no longer serve them. It’s not about learning to deal with climate change; it’s about ‘You’ learning to change your beliefs about reality. “What If God Were One of Us?” is not only a cry to awaken, but also presents startling revelations about the destiny of the planet. It’s an intriguing fictional novel about the expansion of human consciousness, offering the world a choice for the creation of a new and enlightened society; but will they choose love, or fear?
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