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Guaranteed Solutions Chinese 2nd Edn 2011

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Guaranteed Solutions is a book aimed at bringing a radical understanding of our emotions such as sex, fear, worry, attention-need, jealousy, ego and discontentment. The information a compilation of the worldwide talks that Nithyananda has given in meditation camps such as the Ananda Spurana Program (ASP) andLife Bliss Program (LBP). It introduces us to the 7 vital Energy centers in our body called the chakras, whose functioning has a direct bearing upon our physical and mental well-being.

The ASP/ LBP meditation camps explain the direct relationship between our emotions and these Energy centers. We are educated on the subtle ways in which these emotions affect our overall wellbeing. In a very comprehensive manner we are taught how these debilitating emotions are mere shadows without objects. Powerful meditation techniques are imparted to handle these emotions. We are given the assurance that it is possible to lead a life free from the power these emotions wield over us. These camps provide tremendous scope to liberate ourselves from the dilemmas of the mind and depression of our Being; to be free from the mental slavery that is keeping our spirit in bondage. We are helped to create a space in us to flower and re-connect with our inner core, with our true Self - which is beyond the body and mind, which is pure and Eternal Bliss - Nithyananda! These meditation camps are continuously conducted worldwide by trained teachers of the Foundation.

'Guaranteed Solutions by Swami Nithyananda is an extremely enlightening book that helps resolve everyday moral dilemmas of the contemporary world with' serenity, wisdom and humour. Written in the form of answers to specific questions, Swami Nithyananda's pragmatic approach and non- judgmental attitude is afar cry from the usual. By dealing with these issues - sex, stress, marriage, relationships- in a calm, unruffled way, using jokes and anecdotes to make a point, he encourages the reader to understand that these issues are not really an issue at all; and that in our understanding of this lies our redemption. '

Nandita Aggarwal

Senior Commissioning Editor, Harper Collins

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