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The fate of Rosalie’s future sat in a wrinkled, ghostly white, business envelope. The sheer fact it didn’t seem to weigh more than three ounces scared her half to death. She was recalling what someone had told her. “If the letter is thin, then you’re probably not in.” Maybe this was the acceptance letter and all the other information was coming later in a large manila envelope. Or perhaps upon reading the first words, “Congratulations,” the letter would go on to say that additional information would be available at an open house for new students in June. Either way, as much as she wanted to believe it was an acceptance letter, Rosalie could taste fear in her mouth. The prospect of the news inside was killing her. She desperately wanted to read it but, what if……….. She could feel the beating of her heart. Sweat broke out on her upper lip. Placing the envelope on the desk, she eyeballed it for several minutes. With just a flick of her thumbnail, the path of her destiny was about to be revealed. All her hopes and dreams were about to be unveiled. My God, could she be any more dramatic. Subconsciously, she knew it was a stall tactic to avoid reading any unpleasant news. Just open it, Rosalie. With trembling fingers, she began to pick at the corner of the envelope……….
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