Deep, Deeper, Deeper Still
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It is often something “deep” in our life that leads us to pen and page and the age-old practice ofcollecting our thoughts on paper.This for many is the fi rst adventure with journaling. Sinking our toes “deep”into the benefi ts of collecting our thoughts can easily become journaling.Harvesting the wealth of knowledge generated from the collecting of our thoughts and puttingthis knowledge into action in our lives is the act of going “deeper”.It is when we grace pen to page on a regular basis that we are actually journaling and going“deeper still”. Journaling is a practice that allows us the ability to go beyond collecting ourthoughts, to harvesting knowledge and understanding our internal process and motivations.Journaling also helps generate useful insights about those with whom we share our life journey.When our thoughts are collected our lives are calmer, we have more clarity about life choicesand achieve life success both small and large with greater ease. Our roots, so to speak, areplanted “deep” in ground beneath our feet. When we have access to the wealth of our ownknowledge and put that wealth to use, our lives tend to be more fl uid our roots have workedtheir way “deeper” into solid ground. When our roots are sunk into terra fi rma we are “deeperstill” or “deeply still”, understanding our thoughts and feelings, our actions and choices, and howwe create our lives.
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