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JESUS: THE WORDS OF JESUS is LaurenceWhelans attempt to unlock the truths containedin the four gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke andJohn. He started by cutting the words of Jesusfrom each of the four gospels. He then put eachpassage together in chronological order, com-bining the material into one story. The authorused thirty-five versions of the Bible along withten other books by other writers on the gospelsto write in his own words JESUS THE WORDSOF JESUS. This is the truth as Mr. Whelanunderstands it. By combining the four gospelsinto one story, the words of Jesus have becomealive and more understandable.the story of Jesus. 3. The third book yet to benamed, will be a comparative study betweenJESUS THE WORDS OF JESUS and A NEWREVELATION FOR THIS AGE.LAURENCE ROBERT WHELAN is 57 years old. Hehas been a seeker of truth most of his life.Laurence and his wife, Diana, of 35 years live inVentura, California, and have three adult chil-dren and 4 grand-children. Laurence hasworked in public service for 38 years. He is aFire Battalion Chief for the County FireDepartment. Chief Whelan has attended theCalifornia State Fire Academy and the NationalFire Academy and has received degrees fromVentura College and the Blackstone School ofJESUS THE WORDS OF JESUSis the story of the life andteaching of Jesus consolidatedand retold from the gospels ofMatthew, Mark, Luke and John.
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