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This book is an astute observation by a lay person, not in themedical fi eld, as well as not in the professional clinical psychologyfi eld. The author is a clergyman. He was raised in the atmosphereof a household where serious identifi cation problems existed.The author became acclimated to this household environment, andactually found it to be pleasant. He now remembers it as the wonderfuldays of childhood back on the family farm. As a result, there hasdeveloped, a tolerance of people who have acute I D problems, as wellas a savvy, and a God given discernment capability. People who have I Das well as other psychological problems feel drawn to this author.The author makes no claim to holding any applicable credential as aprofessional, in some of the fi elds of interest presented by this book.He claims no medical knowledge more than common knowledge, norprofessional psychology knowledge beyond common knowledge.He has done his research as a writer, and defers to professionals. Nothingis intended to suggest that this book is about the practice of medicine bythe author, nor any credentialed psychological service by the author. Thisbook is the author’s autobiography, and is intended to be a documentaryof a lay persons observations.I do hope that some professional experts can fi nd these observationshelpful to their cause.
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