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In a world where guns never existed, lies the nation of Bladin. Even when guns aren't in the picture, this nation is corrupted beyond imagination. And two noble races, the Ninjas (masters of assasination and deception, with a touch of justice) and the Samurais (masters of the blade and physical ability, with a stab of pride), are in major conflict (based on rivalries) that may enevitably cause the nation to collapse. With all hope lost, two humans born into this world, Ryuu Kodachi (raised as a keen ninja) and Gemori Battousai (raised as a master-less samurai) are the last hope for peace in the nation. But if one desires for peace, prepare for war. Ryuu and Gemori are thrown into entwined paths blocked by many obstacles; including duels against their own kin, supernatual humans, legendary beasts, as well their own state of emotions. Can the unsettled rivalry between ninjas ans samurais be settled in peace? Ryuu and Gemori must find out the hard way: death, reason, and injustice. Impossible? It is simply a word. Ryuu and Gemori must break through the "impossibility" of this grave war to rest at peace with the curse they were born with- to become a Legend.
Published: Xlibris on
ISBN: 9781462821211
List price: $9.99
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Bladin - Sayem Huq

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