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Seven Hundred Years to BethlehemThis is a story for Christmas. In his Gospel, Matthew briefly mentions “wise men from the east” who followed a star to Bethlehem. They were Magi. As in the case of all biblical passages, a little investigation into this one opens brand-new windows of insight into the past. Scholars are regularly inspired to climb through these windows to verify truths and uncover new mysteries. They study, analyze, and speculate on not only the significance of scriptural words and syntax but also on the stories that lie hidden between the lines. Part 1 of this book draws on some of their ideas and on ancient writings to present a tribal history of the Magi. It covers the seven hundred years from the time the “wise men” arrived on the Iranian plateau until they spotted a strange light in the sky. Part 2 draws from canonical and other sources to tell of events surrounding and including the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, the Magi’s arrival in Bethlehem to find the Holy Family, and the special courage of the Magi. A final chapter summarizes the life of Jesus and draws from non-canonical texts and other sources to speculate on what may have become of Mary, Joseph, and the Magi.
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