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Goddess of the Ancient Maya
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Since retiring from the USAF as a Command Pilot and Engineering Officer, Colonel Peck has become one of the leading historians of Spanish conquest in the New World. Drawn to an interest in the enigmatic Maya Colonel Peck entered into a decade-long field study of the Prehistoric Maya and discovered that current historiography of the Olmec/Maya polity was appallingly inaccurate. In previous published works Colonel Peck has shown that contrary to current consensus, the Maya were not limited to primitive stone tools, but had developed a variety of bronze tools with which they constructed large seaworthy vessels and traveled to the Caribbean and the shores of Florida using a sophisticated method of celestial navigation a millennium before it was developed in Europe. And in this book Colonel Peck reveals the current view of Olmec/Maya religion is also appallingly inaccurate. The sophisticated Maya religion was begun in ancient times with a matriarchal “Goddess of Creation” and evolved into a patriarchal “First Father” concept in the Spanish conquest period. Current historians have failed to recognize that fact because of the naïve belief that the writings of colonial period folklore, which picture Maya religious concepts as crude, primitive, and often grotesque fables, represents Maya religion rather than the true, sophisticated, and realistic religious concepts expressed in their prehistoric writing and art.
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