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Life is not a dress rehearsal. This is our only chance. And, given that it is our only chance, Dr. Janis Dietz wants to show the reader how to make the most of it; how to weather challenges, illnesses, and disability. She wants them to come away from the experience of reading this book with a new zest for life and a new feeling of what you can accomplish. And they will.As a frequent motivational speaker, Janis believes that every day should be new and exciting for everyone, regardless of situational and physical setbacks. She will help the reader realize those ""positive responses to tough challenges." With her "can-do"" attitude, she will inspire them to reach higher and further. Things they never thought were in their future will suddenly be visible. They will concentrate on what they "can" do; in so doing, they will find a glass that is much more than half full.Yes, You Can!!! is based on the premise that life should be lived to the fullest extent possible, disability or no disability... Even if getting there takes some extra effort Even if getting there takes a long time Even if getting there requires skills you never knew you possessed Even if getting there means you have to work harder than you ever haveIt is worth it; it has always been worth it.;Wishing and Hoping Won't Change Reality; Concentrate on What You Can Do; Explore What Positives Have Come out of This Experience; Count Your Blessings; Pass It On: How Can You Help Others Overcome Their Problems Through Your Experience; When Others Want to Help; A Positive Mental Attitude Will Overcome Even the Worst Hardship; What Do You Have to Lose?; Improve on the Worst That Can Happen; Relax; Keep Your Sense of Humor; Concentrate on Relationships; What Is Your Chosen Method for Contributing to Life; Take Care of Yourself; Remember, You Always Have a Choice; Never Give Up! Never, Never, Never . . . Give Up!;" "" Janis Dietz encourages her readers to strive to be better, to understand and to be understood, to commit to excellence, to control one's life and to do it with enthusiasm."" -- MS In Focus ""...encourages anyone who is living with loss or disability to deal with the situation realistically and then use it as a growth experience. Having had multiple sclerosis for over twenty years, Dietz draws upon her own life to promote motivational concepts and coping skills..."" -- Disability Resources Monthly""This excellent little book deals with how to take the lemon life has dealt you and make lemonade...Heartily recommend[ed]!"" -- International Journal of MS Care""Dietz urges readers to realistically acknowledge their losses, but also to focus on what they can still do. She encourages people with physical challenges to take care of themselves, to value relationships, to help others and to maintain a sense of humor even in the midst of loss and difficulty."" -- Quest ""This is an excellent book for learning how to take the hand you were dealt and developing it to the fullest for maximum results. This book is about climbing out of the valley and climbing to the mountaintop. You'll be both inspired and encouraged."" -- Zig Ziglar"
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