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Someone has said that, “Youth is not a matter of age, but rather, a state of mind.”… It is for that reason I have sought to write a book to be enjoyed by youth of all ages - from thirteen to one hundred! Some of us have just been "young" longer than others! I have known some who were old at seventeen and others who stayed young in their eighties.My wife and I hope to stay young the rest of our lives, and one of the best ways we have found to keep a youthful view of life is to invest time with young people. Notice I said “invest”, not “spend”, as time with youth is an investment in the future, not something that is “spent” and all gone. Over the years God has given us many opportunities to be with youth in several churches and in differing communities.We have always sought to accept all youth as persons, without always approving their actions. We have had many hours of fun and fellowship together, as well as those serious moments when great decisions have been made in the very presence of God. As they have been left free to be themselves - even with the freedom to make mistakes, they have grown at their own unique pace and in God's own time. May the reading of these pages help you to see real Christianity - not as a negative approach to life - but as a joyous celebration! To that end we open our hearts to share with you these personal vignettes which have formed our spiritual diary over the years. We have discovered together that truly there is ... Fun in the Son!
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