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Jimmy has been struggling with schizophrenia for quite some time. He has been in and out of the hospital before, but he is still stuck in a level of denial that is difficult for anyone to grasp, especially himself. When he is submitted to the hospital yet again, several factors come into play. He rationalizes discontinuing his medication compliance. He justifies brash, unsuitable behavior. He victimizes himself. He refuses help from others.Then a beautiful woman comes into his life. She is the representation of Jimmy's every desire, and he falls for her in every way. She inspires him to become an even greater man than he believes he can be. He would never let go of such a woman. No man would. But she tempts his soul in ways that only the most beautiful temptress in the world possibly could. She challenges his belief in everything. She creates a need in him for her that only he can fully comprehend. She seems to hold the key to his integrity and his sanity. Because of this woman, Jimmy is able to accomplish goals he never thought he could achieve. Because of this woman, he has a renewed perspective on life. Because of this woman, he has a severe confidence that no one can take away. But, because of this woman, Jimmy is slowly reverting back to a state of paranoia, fear, anguish, and despair.Eventually, schizophrenia catches up with him again and this puts him at odds with the ones who love him most. He is tormented by his past, and he can not see a way into the future. Somehow he must do the one thing that he never can seem to do. Somehow, he must see himself.
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