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Have you ever danced on a dead man’s chest or peeked into a crypt at a dead man’s face? Have you ever soared over a valley like an eagle, only without wings; or watched an Indian Chief in full warrior’s dress thunder towards you on a great white stallion? How about proving without a doubt that Santa Claus is real, or maybe you have played with a live pacific coast rattle snake with your bare hands? Everyone has their own adventures and experiences to remember as they grow older, and most probably look back upon those memories with fondness. Bubbins was blessed with being born at a time and place in the world where his freedom of movement was virtually wide open, and with parents and a society who allowed such freedom with very few restrictions. When you peer into a mirror-smooth pond, you discover someone there looking back at you. Is it you? Is it who you were-or is it who you are now? Perhaps it might be who you will become. Take this journey with me; let us peer into the Reflections of Time and discover for ourselves the answers to those questions.
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