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Dating can be a challenging experience, much like trying to catch a “keeper” bass or muskie when fishing. In Plenty of Carp, author Cindy Lucy presents a humorous look into the online dating world through the eyes of a fifty-something widow re-entering the fray.In this collection of short stories, poems, and quotes, Lucy likens dating to an ongoing fishing adventure on many lakes, where she attempts to hook the “Big One,” but instead snags more than her share of carp. Plenty of Carp shares the anecdotes from her varied expeditions, as in “Peas and Carrots,” where she meets a wildly handsome man who looked so good but hurt her so bad, and “Dancing with Woodcock,” that tells about a stubborn, skinny fish who could not cut a rug—or find a way into her heart.Providing a fresh and hilarious look at dating and men, Plenty of Carp delivers a tackle box full of fish tales and reveals whether Lucy was able to hook a “keeper.”“This book made me laugh out loud at the most unexpected moments. Lucy’s fresh, tell-it-like-it-is point-of-view is honest and direct. It is a great read.”—Dr. Patricia Peiffer, Michigan Department of Education
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