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The Bible has outsold every other book that was ever written. This book is the filler for what little space that is available. Everyone should own, memorize and apply the contents because: 1. It is reader friendly; a special effort has been put into removing the suffering associated with forced obligatory reading. 2. WHAT IT IS is must reading for those searching for spiritual contact. It is the paradigm for methodology that is practical for those who prefer to do their own research and analysis that all are capable of... About my expertise: I spent years in the field of education. I read the Bible. I also spent many hours researching, reading others efforts, interpretations and speculation. If you did also without others con-trolling your exposure and interpretation, you can not be conned or frightened into zombotic behavior. Nor will you be controlled by those that ignore Bible text because it conflicts with a concocted word independent of the Biblical ingredients. I don’t understand how anyone can be accused of “attacking the Bible” when the only “attack” is directly quoting the text. THE BIBLE IS WHAT IT IS. Is contorting the text the only acceptable method of examining it? Is it acceptable to manufacture conclusions then twist the text to support those conclusions? I’m done and going to bed. I AM WHAT I AM.
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