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I began to plan this novel after years of fascination with our great universe convinced me that earth is likely not the only planet where reasoning beings live. Carrying that thought further, one could assume, I think, that some other civilizations, could possses greater intelligence , and be far ahead of us in technological achievement. And perhaps they possess higher ethics and moral standards thatn exist on earth today. It is also possible that they have great powers to protect themselves, or to persuade others to adopt a different way of acting. These ideas, which some might consider hypothetical, or even too preposterous to imagine, could easily be reality, in my opinion. Combine them with what we have been told about an alleged extra terrestrial landing incident that could well prove their existence of other beings, and is still controversial, and you have something even more plausible. Add the element of fear another planet might have of being destroyed by some country on earth, such as the United States, and you have exactly what this novel, Techna Force 20, is all about.
Published: Trafford on
ISBN: 9781426971488
List price: $9.99
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