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Kassapu- Sumerian Magick Grimoire
Kassapu- Sumerian Magick Grimoire
Kassapu- Sumerian Magick Grimoire
Ebook138 pages1 hour

Kassapu- Sumerian Magick Grimoire

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About this ebook

Lots of exclusive information.
Invocations and hymns to the Anuna (Anunnaki) gods.
Differences between exorcism and countermagic rites: Maqlû, Šurpu and Namburbû.
In addition to the theoretical part, I present practical indications.
How to make your own "Shen" (šn) ring like that of the goddess Ishtar, Marduk and other deities.
Beautiful illustrations inside.
Invocations in Akkadian and Assyro-Babylonian (for magickal and vibrational power) and the appropriate translations.
Protection rituals with the deity Enki (EA), sun god Šamaš, and others.
Voodoo-like spells in which a clay figurine (Ṣalmu) is made.
How to prepare the magick altar (guhšu), offerings, incense, seals and correspondence of each deity.
Mesopotamian zodiac signs.
Invocation to the 4 cardinal points, trace the magic circle Zisurrû as the Sumerians did.
Magickal consecration of salt in Sumerian. Marduk's secret name.
Black rituals of Irkalla (the underworld) and invocation of seven demons (Maškim).
Various black magick rituals with Pazuzu, Lilikae, Lamashtu, Tiamat, and Nergal.
Cast curses on an enemy.
Glossary with Sumerian/Akkadian terms.

Become an ašipu (sorcerer), delve into the magickal mysteries of Mesopotamia and Pagan reconstructionism.
Tune in and commune with the cosmic energies of the Anunnaki, ancestral rituals, powerful spells.

Release dateSep 12, 2022
Kassapu- Sumerian Magick Grimoire
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Asamod ka

Occult, Santeria, Quimbanda, Santa Muerte mexican magick, Luciferianism

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Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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    Book preview

    Kassapu- Sumerian Magick Grimoire - Asamod ka


    In this book I present several Sumerian magic rituals, some ancient (for spiritual healing and exorcism), others more modern and adapted for black magick. I assure you that this is the best book you have on the subject. If you search on Amazon, I've already done that. You'll find several ebooks for 10 dollars with only 11 pages (they contain two or three invocations), or books adapted from Necronomicon with lots of fantasy inside and little credible information.

    This grimoire, I assure you, contains true information; the result of a lot of research; complete rituals; correspondence and history of the deities, true Sumerian pagan reconstructionism, and 128 pages. I could fill dozens of pages with small talk and create a 200-page book, but I prefer to deliver quality over quantity to the reader*

    Kaššāpu means sorcerer, in ancient Akkadian, (the feminine term is kaššāptu). To embellish the title, I chose kaššāpu Sumerian Magick Grimoire not just being Grimoire of Sumerian Magic.

    I use a pseudonym, Asamod, to be the master of a well-known esoteric order, which is not very inclined to reveal rites and teachings to the profane (secular).

    Asamod is a variable of A