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Kitchen Remodeling For Dummies

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Real estate, building, and remodeling surveys reveal that the oneproject likely to give you a 100 percent return on the dollarsinvested is a kitchen remodel. And whether the project is asinvolved as gutting the room back to the wall studs or as simple asapplying a fresh coat of paint, each project is an investment inyour home’s value and, ultimately, in your enjoyment of usingthe space.

Remodeling a kitchen is a big job, but it’s not so bigthat anyone – with the right guidance andunderstanding – couldn’t feel comfortabletackling at least some parts of the job. Kitchen Remodeling ForDummies is the reference tool to use if you

Want to use the kitchen more efficiently Want to replace outdated, energy-gobbling appliances andgadgets Have attempted at least one or two home repair projects Are comfortable using both power and hand tools and probablyown a few of each Want to know how a project should be done and then hire someoneto do it.

The kitchen in today’s home has become a focal point forthe family, as well as for entertaining. For those reasons, youwant the room to be as functional as possible, without breakingyour bankbook. With Kitchen Remodeling For Dummies in hand,you'll get the lowdown on the following topics and more:

The kitchen remodeling process (knowing this makes you asmarter consumer) Critical design issues Working with the pros: architect, designer, contractor Establishing a budget and sticking with it Evaluating your plumbing, electrical, and ventilationsystems Selecting and installing cabinets and countertops Choosing sinks, faucets, and appliances Working on walls, windows, and floors Hot trends and easy upgrades

This handy guide shows you how to take your kitchen (no matterwhat shape it’s in now) and remodel it so that it not onlyfits your wants and needs but also becomes a room you can be proudto use and show off.

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