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Access 2007 VBA Programmer's Reference covers a widespectrum of programming topics relevant to Access. Although itassumes the reader has some familiarity with VBA programminglanguage, it begins with a brief introduction to VBA. And to helpyou leverage the tools that Access provides, a chapter highlightsthe new features in Microsoft Office Access 2007 — includingnew wizards and GUI (graphical user interface) elements thatpreviously required VBA code, as well as new VBA features.

The book also discusses how to create and name variables, how touse Data Access Object (DAO) and ActiveX Data Object (ADO) tomanipulate data both within Access and within other applications,proper error handling techniques, and advanced functions such ascreating classes and using APIs. Key new objects such as usingMacros and the Ribbon are explored, too, as are forms and reports,the two most powerful tools for working with and displaying data.Working with other applications is covered extensively both in ageneral nature and for working specifically with Microsoft Officeapplications, Windows SharePoint Services, and SQL Server. Ofcourse, this book wouldn’t be complete without discussingsecurity issues and the Developer Extensions.

Published: Wiley on
ISBN: 9781118058527
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