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This guide blueprints 28 rules for trading success. Straightforward and simple in their statement, they are pregnant with meaning for anyone who has ever ventured into a zero-sum trade.Jason Alan Jankovsky is the exception to the rule that those who “can, do and those who cannot, write books.” Leaf through this book’s first few pages and you will quickly recognize the depth of his insight. His rules are clearly and concisely stated. The author explains the psychology behind each. His explanations drip with the insight that can only be bought with one’s money on the line. Once understood, the rule becomes easier to employ.The rules, perhaps they are better defined as guidelines fall into four categories:•Part One: Getting in the Game outlines the psychology of market price action.•Part Two: Cutting Losses shows you how to protect yourself in today's markets—even when it is emotionally difficult to do so—by developing a set of unique trading rules.•Part Three: Letting Profits Run covers the few simple rules you should follow in order to remain in a winning trade. •Part Four: Trader Maxims examines trading’s most common rules.When I read the work of a master, and make no mistake, Jankovsky has earned that title, I always pick up something. Personally, Part Two was a revelation. I had never thought to commit my personal trading rules to paper. Detailed, specific and goal-oriented rules that can be review each day – both before the opening and after the close. It was hard work writing them. It is even worse, trying to remain true to them. Yet I have seen a discernible improvement in my discipline as a result of this exerciseSuccessful trading takes discipline, desire, knowledge, and skill. The 28 rules, insights, and guidelines found in this book will push you towards your goal of consistent trading success in what for many is anything but. Penned by the Pointed PunditFebruary 18, 20088:33:10 PM
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