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What if we could turn back the clock to a time when jobs were plentiful, when tax revenue was high, and when people could look forward to retirement? E.A. Madden asks these questions and explains where our leaders went wrong and why they abandoned the middle class. His how-to guide provides step-by-step strategies to bring U.S. prosperity back to all its citizens, not just a chosen few. In a book packed with solutions to today’s problems, you’ll discover: • a convincing history of events that led to the nation’s current political and economic problems; • the economic policies of former presidents; • strategies to restore general prosperity and preeminence in the world; • simple actions to bring jobs back to the nation. This book is for anyone concerned about his or her job and the future of the country. Written with nonpartisan candor and a dry wit, this how-to guide provides an assortment of ideas to help the country. It all begins with realizing that It’s the Jobs, Stupid.
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