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Digital SAT Preview: What to Expect + Tips and Strategies
Digital SAT Preview: What to Expect + Tips and Strategies
Digital SAT Preview: What to Expect + Tips and Strategies
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Digital SAT Preview: What to Expect + Tips and Strategies

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About this ebook

Want to know more about the Digital SAT?  The SAT will be changing from paper and pencil to digital in 2024. This free resource from Barron’s provides you with the information you need to succeed--whether you’re a student, parent, teacher, or tutor.
Barron’s Digital SAT Preview features:
  • How the Digital SAT will be administered
  • Timeline for implementation of the Digital SAT for International and U.S. students
  • Thorough explanation of how the new Digital SAT is different from the Paper-Based SAT
  • New SAT test prep strategies for the adaptive Digital SAT format
  • The SAT versus the ACT—which should you take?
  • A Full-Length SAT Practice Test with answer explanations and scoring guide
Release dateSep 26, 2022
Digital SAT Preview: What to Expect + Tips and Strategies

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Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
    It's amazing tips and information regarding the new Digital SAT.

Book preview

Digital SAT Preview - Brian W. Stewart

The Digital SAT

Starting in spring 2023 for international test-takers and spring 2024 for U.S. test-takers, the SAT is scheduled to shift to a digital format. The new digital SAT will have two Evidence-Based Reading & Writing modules (sections) and two Math modules. The test will be adaptive—the second modules of both Reading/Writing and Math will change in difficulty based on how students do on the first modules of each type. Students who perform better on the first modules will have more challenging questions in the second modules, whereas students who do not perform as well on the first will have easier questions in the second. Here is a summary of the new Digital SAT format:

Digital SAT Format

International students who take the SAT prior to 2023 and U.S. students who take the SAT prior to 2024 will continue to take the SAT in its current paper-based form. The digital SAT will be offered in proctored testing environments—schools and testing centers. It will not be given at home. If you are unsure about whether you should try the paper-based SAT prior to this switch, carefully consider the similarities and differences between the current SAT and the new digital SAT:

Test Length

Test Format

Test Dates


Reading and Writing


Based on the above information, if you feel you might prefer the current SAT, be sure to take it before the end of 2022 (international test-takers) or the end of 2023 (U.S. test-takers). Colleges will accept the results of both the current SAT and the digital SAT. Also, keep in mind that the ACT is not planning to make any major changes to its exam at this time. If you prefer a paper-based format of the SAT, you should be sure to attempt the ACT as well.

Why Is the College Board Making This Change to the SAT?

•Adaptive tests have a long track record of success. The GRE and GMAT, both of which

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