Heart Speak presents a collection of poetry that comes from deep within author Dennis McCormack’s heart, seeking to address some of the ultimate questions in our lives: Is life eternal, and how does a person make up their mind about the answer to this question? Should the human person be the standard of values always? Can oceans heal us? Can Angels heal us? Can God and Man heal us? McCormack explores these questions and others in verse, relying on tradition handed down to him through both childhood and university study. The heart and the mind play a special role in poetry, in our lives, our marriages, friendships, civilizations, and filial relationships. The poet composes his song and poem as his heart and mind dialogue together finally finding unison when the task is done. Poetry and song come from the heart because they are inspired by it as a first step in the poems coming to be and be seen. The Rain Falls on Heaven and EarthRain fell on roads not taken, Flowers blooming, blushing at friends, Celebrating love-spring’s birth,On wise folk praising him With precious gifts for children,Angels at their gates.The day we met, tears fell, Blessing all of us, and your heartPassing cups of hope To God’s friends at sea, As the old orange sun turned yellowTo the sounds of ‘Shenandoah.’
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