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A Message from the Tarot Cards
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Sixty-five-year-old Ella Beesom is in the hospital after a mysterious fall and a mild stroke—and though previously wealthy, she is now strangely broke. Concerned for her aunt and confused about her financial quandary, Nina Stafford books a flight to Asheville, North Carolina. Once there, the financial haze settles into a fog as Nina can’t seem to understand what happened to her ailing aunt. Family friend and financial advisor Gordon Wilson steps in to help, but he knows no more than Nina. Desperate for answers, they agree to hire private investigator, Travis McConnell. Travis is only too happy to help when he meets beautiful, charming Nina, and they can’t help but fall into a romance. In the midst of their newly blossoming relationship, Nina and Travis stumble upon a clue that points to a local psychic named Francesca. Aunt Ella visited the tarot card reader, and Nina has a feeling Francesca is somehow involved with her aunt’s missing money. Will the psychic see Nina’s suspicions in the cards? As the mystery mounts, Nina may have no one to depend on but herself. Surrounded by mysticism, it’s hard to see clearly —but Nina must figure out what happened to Ella, in order to save her family and possibly herself.
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ISBN: 9781462025794
List price: $9.99
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