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Heart Refined

Length: 133 pages2 hours


How easy it is for Christians to go through life outwardly obeying God and appearing to be good Christians, but inwardly never truly knowing God intimately! What does it take for God to get our attention and draw us into that intimate relationship with Him?In Heart Refined, author Walt Conger shares his personal story of freedom from a life of Christian complacency. For many years, Conger lived an ordinary Christian life, doing what was expected. But that was it—he did not seek a relationship with Christ. God, however, had His own plans for Conger. He used trials and circumstances to change Conger’s heart and bring him to the realization that God desired an intimate relationship with him. Conger recounts his journey through the most intense testing in the furnace of affliction: a near-death experience leading to life-changing heart surgery and the battle through recovery.Heart Refined encourages you to see how God took seemingly hopeless situations and turned them into opportunities for blessings and wonderful displays of His goodness. It happened to Conger, and it can happen to you.

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