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Magnifying Blood Talk

Length: 140 pages46 minutes


C. Christine Battle lacked strong guidance as a child and greatly suffered the consequences during much of her life. Yet, through it all, (the word ‘though’ has been removed here) she always had a place in her heart for the Lord. He knew she had the power of the written word inside her, yet He did not allow her gift to shine through until she decided to seek Him first, above all else. Magnifying Blood Talk is a collection of God-inspired poetry. Christine’s poetry does not only inspire; it opens your eyes to the bigger picture. In so doing, you will clearly understand what is happening around you and why. For example, in “No Longer Desire,” Christine realizes that seeking worldly fortunes will only lead to devastation, and the risks of being content with a sinful society are explored in “Anger’s Danger.” Through her words, C. Christine Battle hopes to accomplish three things: to lead you toward beginning and maintaining a relationship with the Lord; to teach you to seek God first in order to live life to the fullest; and finally, to indulge in love and forgiveness among ourselves here on earth. It is very possible to find a light in the darkness, no matter what the circumstances. It is time to learn, praise, and encourage as one body, united under God.

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