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It’s a GOD Thing is a culmination of the death experiences I have lived. This book is to tell the world there really is more than this earthly life. It is imperative for people to be aware of what their choices will bring to themselves beyond this life.“… I looked back at the elderly lady to confirm what I knew to be true—yes, she was dying—they were waiting for her… I watched the angels watch the elderly lady’s loved ones do what humans do to get prepared to lose someone they love. Their presence radiated feelings of peacefulness and love, feelings that had no words… ““What did the angels look like? Any adult you see on the street, except they were in robes and were transparent. They, a male and a female, stood at the end of the elderly lady’s bed. I could see the wall behind the entities who were silently standing at the end of the bed, waiting. The entities turned and looked at me without showing any emotions or speaking, and I knew they knew I could see them. Relatives of the elderly lady milled around the bed talking to each other in low voices. Some of the relatives walked right by the angels with neither acknowledging the other.”
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