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In fulfillment of an old Dahomeyan prophesy, the 7th generation of the lineage must return to the place of ancestral birth; to the beginning of an uneasy journey. Nearly two centuries later, the `Anchor' who is the 7th Amazon, must respond to that internal call despite the rigorous demands of modern living. To find her own 'place', she must complete the cycle of her 'mothers' and make an oar for the next generation. AGAINST ALL ODDS is the tale of 7 generations of a royal line whose strong women stand their ground; defying social norms and tribal stereotypes; defending forbidden love and unwittingly fulfilling the predictions of the ancient oracle. This fictional biography takes flight from the pre-colonial campaigns of the Amazons of Dahomey (female warriors whose codes defined a matriarchal society) through the years of slavery in the Americas, leading to the Abolition and subsequent `return'; into unfolding socio-economic drama and evolving religious beliefs, all the way to the harsh realities of modern day West Africa. Written with a poetic tone, this book will take you on a journey across the many cultures and different experiences that come together to define today's African.
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