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Time Heals All Wounds
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“Time Heals All Wounds”“The Devil’s Playground” is a dark chapter in the new break-through novel, “Time Heals All Wounds”, by M.M. Master Poly Crown, and it chronicles her life as a young woman who is introduced to the evils of society at a very tender age.Through her book, M.M. Master Poly Crown takes the reader on a journey that begins with her childhood rape and sodomization and into her teenage years when, as a high-school drop-out, she travels to the South Pacific in search of a new life…… only to find herself the victim, again, of sexual predators who keep her captive for nearly seven years of sexual abuse, rape, sodomy and torture.Finally, she breaks free and travels to Japan where, in the employ of a nightclub, she is able to face her demons through the on-stage re-enactments of her past which, while they titillate the crowds and her prospective nightly patrons, also serve to exorcise her past and enable her to shed the bonds of the sexual underworld.“A Kiss Good-Bye” is another of the riveting chapters in “Time Heals All Wounds”, and in it, M.M. Master Poly Crown reveals the hypocrisy of our societal laws, the cowardly actions of rapists and murderers as well as the good and well-being that willing woman of the night can provide…!M.M. Master Poly Crownmasterpolycrown@yahoo.comI am seeking a business partner (Co-Director or Co-Producers / Production Company) who wants to be involved in a low-budget movie with the potential for very high returns. All things are possible!
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