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Edmond’s Visionary Path
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Edmond’s Visionary Path is a book showing my life through visions that includes my past, present, and future. This book shows visions reaching into the lives of everyone on earth, and how they will influence changes in our lives if we do not make changes first. It gives us advance notice concerning change in our climate, showing the American Gulf Coast, and the South China Sea freezing in the future, the Gulf Coast by 2014.The visions speak of the three major religions, and they cover parts of the Christian Bible concerning Cain and Abel, Moses, Ezra, Daniel, and the wearer of the Star of David. They cover an event that leaves Egypt, the Israelite cities, and the Temple all in waste. In one vision, there were no people in Egypt at all, and in the Israelite cities, many dead were on the ground. It also speaks about Acts chapter 29 of the Bible. I realize our Bible only carries twenty-eight chapters, but there is one lost chapter of Acts that should be there. In addition, we must be aware of the genetic rift in our human structure which was started by mistakes from the days of Atlantis. These visions also cover US Presidents, the health care plan, and whether our health care plan will cover all of us, plus mind-control testing, and how AT&T and Bell Atlantic started school programs. They also speak directly about how we may be caught unaware, that everything will not be okay the way it is, and changes must be made for what will come.
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