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Escaping Time Traps: How to Streamline Your Life and Make Better Decisions
Escaping Time Traps: How to Streamline Your Life and Make Better Decisions
Escaping Time Traps: How to Streamline Your Life and Make Better Decisions
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Escaping Time Traps: How to Streamline Your Life and Make Better Decisions

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About this ebook

In Escaping Time Sinks, an audio course from Scribd Coach, productivity coach and Life Is Organized founder Mridu Parikh offers her take on the subject of procrastination — the patterns of thoughts and beliefs that lead us to put things off, and what we can do about it. In the course, Parikh explores why we procrastinate, how to free yourself from lingering tasks, key habits for stopping procrastination, and more.

Drawing from her many years of experience in the world of productivity, Parikh is a great source for guidance on getting more done and staving off procrastination; professionals, students, and entrepreneurs alike will find crucial advice in this course.

PublisherScribd Coach
Release dateJan 17, 2023
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Mridu Parikh

Mridu Parikh is a productivity coach, speaker, and founder of Life Is Organized, as well as the author of the Amazon bestseller Accomplish It and the host of the Productivity on Purpose podcast. Parikh’s techniques have appeared in Forbes, The Huffington Post, and Real Simple, and she is the author of a column in The Tennessean. Parikh has taught thousands of women simple ways to wake up with a plan, take control of their distractions, and drop overwhelm with ease. To learn more about Mridu Parikh and her work, visit her website, LifeIsOrganized.com/why-mridu, or check out Productivity on Purpose on Apple and Spotify.

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    Escaping Time Traps - Mridu Parikh

    Escaping Time Traps


    How to Streamline Your Life and Make Better Decisions



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    Hello everyone! I'm Mridu Parikh, and this is Escaping Time Traps: How to Streamline Your Life and Make Better Decisions, a course from Scribd. Thank you for joining me.

    Are you so great at what you do that you decided to start your own business? Were you expecting the freedom and flexibility to do it on your terms but found yourself handcuffed to your business? If you feel like you're not doing anything well, whether it's at work or home, then you're in the right place.

    One of the biggest challenges that entrepreneurs face is the mindset that there are things we believe have to get done no matter what, A.K.A., our priorities.

    You're probably familiar with this scenario. You have a to-do list where you've written down everything you need to accomplish for the day. You work all day and stay busy doing all the things for all the people. You check everything off the list, and then somehow, you're adding more and more to the list, and you barely make a dent in it.

    Now you feel horrible about yourself. The end of the day comes around, and even though you worked like crazy, you don't feel like you really got anything meaningful off that list. That then, unfortunately, snowballs into really negative effects. You continue to operate like this and feel bad day after day, week after week.

    One of the reasons is that you don't have proper control of your time. There are several time sinks just swallowing your time, and this course will teach you how to let go of them.

    First, we'll be looking at five habits you should stop doing right now to sharpen your focus and save time. Then we'll talk about how to streamline your life and make good decisions. Afterward, we'll look at how you

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