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Republicans Sell Good Crap
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NEVER IN THE HISTORY of the United States of America has the political scene been so polarizing. Republicans Who Sell Good Crap details howlike-minded Republican politicians, political analysts, television and radio talk-show hosts push the rhetoric across limitless boundaries selling goodcrap, like drug dealers to their addicted clients. The good crap now infused with tea baggers has sky-rocketed their sales to a new level.What happened?...It just so happened that someone with an odd sounding name had the “Audacity of Hope” and dared to fulfill “The Dream” set off thisfirestorm of utter and complete disrespect for the highest office in the country.“He is un-American! He pals around with terrorists!”Is that pandering, or is it fear-mongering?“We’ll take back our country! Reload and take up arms!”Is that patriotism, or is it home grown terrorism?“He’s a racist! He’s a socialist”!Is that hypocrisy, or is it idiocy?Like crabs in a barrel, clawing their way to the top of the crap pile, they throw out words and phrases to outdo each other to see who can sell thebest crap.
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