The reason for publishing my book is to reach victims all over the world in hope of inspiring them to come forward and bring to justice more sex offenders as I did. That first step is the most crucial in any kind of recovery and is extremely difficult. We all know that any kind of abuse is very traumatic for every victim, and what I have found, is that every victim’s reaction is completely different yet not all accepted by society as they claim. Victims are not always women as most people think. Violators, rapists and sexual offenders are given many chances to re-do their lives and pick up where they left off when they get out of jail if they ever spend a day in jail. But us victims, forever live in a dark gloomy world, full of suspicious people and find it very hard to continue with our normal lives ever again. We live a life sentence of depression, guilt, shame and fear because of our attackers, and that is not the way it should be. Our system should be able to understand, guild and help us to a life time of therapy paid for by our government and/or the offender for changing our entire life as well as our loved once. We are left with distorted minds for the way they treated us. Our system should realize that just as every “case” is different, so is our response to our traumatic experience and to the therapy received, if any. Unfortunately, some victims turn to drugs, alcohol, lose or gain weight, depression or even suicide, leaving children, families and friends behind. Others turn to prostitution or just having multiple sexual partners’. Others turn to same sex partners for fear of the opposite sexual partner hurting them too. And others give up having a social, sexual, or spiritual life all together. Some victims live hating men for the rest of their lives, blaming the rest of the world for their anger and when they totally loose control and snap, they forget why they had so much anger built up inside. Many victims have hurt, tortured and killed men in acts of passion, anger and/or revenge. And the punishment these victims receive, is much harsher than the one there attackers received for distorting their lives!
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