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We are at the end times. In a very short while, the Great Chastisement of God will come. A great majority of the people of the world will be killed. “Many nations will be annihilated” (Fatima message).The United States : will be attacked and defeated by Russia. About two thirds of American people will be killed. This great nation will be wiped out off the world map.The United Kingdom : will be attacked and defeated by Russia. Nobody in this Kingdom will survive. This nation will be wiped out off the world map.Russia : is the Iron Rod in the hand of God. This superpower will be victorious and become the only ruler of the entire world. After a short time, when the crimes of the Communists reach the pre-destined level, God Himself will shatter them in a terrifying bloodbath. They will be exterminated. No Communist will survive. Their final destination: bottom of Hell.The world: after the extermination of the Communists, the remnant of the world population will enjoy a short period of peaceful life. Daniel wrote that this era will last 15 months (Dan.7:12).Then comes THE END OF THE WORLD: the Judgment Day.
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