Is time travel possible? If so, is it safe?What sort of adventures might one have when moving through time, either by design or happenstance? In “The Gyroscope,” George and his wife chance upon an antique gyroscope that may have once been owned by a man who claimed to have been abducted by aliens. A young man who flees the stresses of city life finds more than he bargained when he passes through “The Barn Door” on his new property. Before he knows it, he rescues a woman from British troops in 1778—and whisks her two hundred years into the future. In “Delaware Indians,” an imaginative high school history teacher gets the ride of his life in a magical, time-traveling cab that makes his deepest wish come true. “A Journey to Atlantis” is the last thing young George has in mind when he rents a small boat to go snorkeling off of Bimini. Then, a chance encounter with the infamous Flying Dutchman changes everything. “The Mirror” holds many secrets and opportunities for Paul, an antiques dealer who buys it one day. But the mirror does more than reflect, it invites—and when Paul steps through, he meets Leona, the love of his life. But will the mirror’s gifts encourage her to threaten a critical moment in history? Only a lucky few will ever receive an invitation for a two-week, all-expense-paid vacation on “The Never-Ending Road,” and Robert has just been added to their exclusive list.
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