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Jade is magnetic. The epitome of men’s fantasies, she exudes power as she gyrates on stage every night. Surrounded by other strippers who have been seduced by drugs, sex, and the allure of escape, Jade never lets her guard down. Determined to always remain in control, Jade never allows anyone to get close enough to catch a breath of her reality. Yet one scar-faced stranger keeps trying. Lilly White has resigned herself to a life without love. Her inability to grieve the death of her meth-addicted ex-husband has left her with no choice but to seek therapy in which she must confront her past abuse and face her demons. Meanwhile, night after night, Jade is becoming increasingly annoyed by the stranger’s leering stares. When she finally confronts him, things go very wrong. After Jade’s strip club boss is found murdered, suddenly everyone wants to ask her questions. Now, whether she likes it or not, Jade’s secrets are in jeopardy of being revealed. But no one knows that Jade keeps secrets even from herself. Soon everyone will discover just how deeply hidden they are, for Lilly and Jade’s lives are about to intertwine in a strange twist of fate.
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ISBN: 9781462037353
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