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The Queen Of The Sea
The Queen Of The Sea
The Queen Of The Sea
Ebook76 pages55 minutes

The Queen Of The Sea

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About this ebook

"The Queen of the Sea" is a thrilling tale of love, power, and destiny. Born into a royal family, Amelia is the child of the prince and a housegirl, and her very existence is a threat to the monarchy. The queen, furious at the shame brought upon her family, wants Amelia and her mother dead. However, the gods of the sea intervene, and Amelia's life takes a dramatic turn as she discovers her true heritage and the power that comes with it. As she fights to survive and protect those she loves, Amelia must navigate a world of danger and deception. Will she rise to become the Queen of the Sea, or will she fall to the machinations of those who seek to destroy her? Find out in this epic fantasy novel

Release dateFeb 9, 2023
The Queen Of The Sea
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Daniel Butogwa

Three enthusiasts—Daniel Butogwa, Kelvin Tumelo, and Godwin Baraka—shared their passion for writing and created this captivating science fiction narrative as a result.

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