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With Kevin Winters' novel, The One, the author has delivered one good read which is fast-paced, character-driven, and a page-turner of a book about life, love, and murder in the gay community. This is not your typical murder mystery! Winters has crafted a fascinating story about two men, one of them the owner of two hot Toronto restaurants, who moves comfortably in the city's gay community. He dates, hopes for Mr. Right and unexpectedly a very alluring man enters his life—and his heart—and the story is off and running.Nick and Brent are in the throes of building a new and exciting relationship when a murder takes place. With one man dead and the other, part of the police investigation, the story broadens into a frantic race to find the murderer. Who would do this...and why?Winters reminds us on every page that love is love, homosexual or heterosexual, and that the issues of trust, commitment, hope, and dreams are not only similar, but very much the same. The author brings sensitivity and insight to this compelling story. This is one tale designed to keep readers mesmerized. The plot is compelling, with the characters well created, the touch of humor just right, and several clever plot twists guaranteed to keep readers guessing to the last page.
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